No Surprise Powell fails doping test

Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell

(Photo credit: The, 2013)

Tyson gay (Left) and Asafa Powell (Right) both test positive for banned stimulant only adding to the ever growing list of drug cheats in the world of sprinting

Former 100 metre record holder Asafa Powell has been handed an 18-month ban for failing a drugs test at last year’s national championships. The suspension has been backdated and will end on 20th December 2014. As the once Jamaican golden boy ages and his performances drop one has to question whether it was simply a matter of time before something of this nature was to happen.

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Armstrong Provides Names In Written Testimony

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — Lance Armstrong has given sworn testimony naming several people he says knew about his performance-enhancing drug use. He insists he didn’t pay anyone or any organization to keep his doping secret.

Armstrong’s testimony came in written answers to questions in a lawsuit that was settled in late 2013. The documents were filed this week in a federal whistle-blower lawsuit over his team’s sponsorship with the U.S. Postal Service that could result in fines over $100 million.

Armstrong says those who provided him with performance-enhancing drugs included trainer Pepi Marti, Dr. Pedro Celaya, Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral and Dr. Michele Ferrari, all of whom were part of his teams or personal cycling entourage.

Armstrong says team manager Johan Bruyneel assisted his doping. Each has previously denied aiding Armstrong’s doping.

Since admitting doping, Armstrong has been sued by a number of companies, including SCA Promotions. The Dallas…

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Do you believe that sport is based on inequality?

Recently I conducted a survey on “ethics in sport” and one of the questions I asked was “do you believe that sport is based on inequality?” It wasn’t a quota or race question. If you cast you minds back to when your children were about five years old, even younger for some, when they started learning to play sport for the first time, you will remember that there are some children who just looked liked naturals. We are called individuals for a reason; we have different strengths, talents, abilities and genetics. We learn about winning and losing and we learn that we win or lose for different reasons such as skills, experience and attitude. So is sport based on inequality?