A photo and new perspective till Christmas

I have been inspired by Dr Ken Jennings who is embarking on a project which he called ‘on the balcony’. His task will be to take one photograph from his apartment balcony, every day between 18h00 and 19h00 for 30 consecutive days.

Being ‘on the balcony’ will mean that will be in the same place and at the same time everyday to look out and to see what whatever. This will challenge him to look out into the world through the lens of diversity and expansion.

I was so inspired by this but wanted to do something slightly different. My project is to try and take a photo of something everyday till Christmas of something that makes my heart feel warm and then figure out why. I want to know after each day “What that picture means to me?” and keep asking that question up to 5 times till I get a deeper meaning.
This picture shows reflection, something I really need right now. I need reflection because people close to me have let me down. It means that I need to make changes, and that means effort from my side. Ultimately that means that my boundaries need to be firmer!


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