Letter to a lost loved one from the dog.


Winston here. I wanted to “write” to you as I really miss you. I know my Mum has said before that if she had one wish it would be that she would want to be as happy as I am all the time.., just for one day. Her tail is definitely not wagging at the moment.

I want to tell you what it’s like from my perspective living in this house. When I came along…… My Mum came to this dodgy house where I was born and selected me out of all the other pups. She didn’t take me that night but came back the next day. I heard her tell the lady that she actually didn’t want me (can you believe it?), that she actually wanted a pup that wasn’t as white as me (there are no words as to how dumb she nearly was). I was determined for her to take me so I just licked her and didn’t leave her side. I made sure she chose me out of all the others and for good reason. Thankfully she did and I have done my best to never leave her side since. She took me home to my new home where I discovered these two other animal things and I think I was probably as shocked as you were at the sight of them (although I only had two to look at), when you came along the two had grown to 5, some more strange looking than the next. Then luckily 6 weeks later she brought home the love of my life, Lucy.

My Mum has always given me heaps of love and I return it in abundance and more. There have however been some curve balls since my Mum got married. First came Paige and then Georgia. Oh my word they took so much of her time and attention. Luckily for us she still walked us everyday and I stayed loyal to her no matter what.

Just when I thought there was enough heart beats in this home, these long eared hopping things arrived. At first I thought Mum had brought me a snack as I tried to have a bite but was severely reprimanded. So I thought it best to let them be and just give them the gears from time to time.

My Mum has never been unkind to me and I know loves me with all her heart. The strangest thing happened though. Those bunnies I was talking about had these tiny babies and then they started to move really quickly, so I thought I would help the mother out by bringing some order to the family system. I just couldn’t help myself so I caught them one by one and lined them out on the lawn to restore some order in this home. Oh my word, my Mum was anything but grateful, in fact she went tilt and smacked me. I’ve never seen that side of her as I thought she was a gentle and kind soul.

The reason I am telling you all this is because I know my Mum has a huge heart and its filled with an abundance of love, care and compassion. I am sorry that she wasn’t able to give you what you needed. I miss your voice and the way you call my name. I miss you throwing the ball for me and I miss that happy energy that you brought into our home.

Paws of Love
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