What is the Bipolar Spectrum?

This article is primarily written for health professionals/mental health professionals who have some knowledge of psychiatric disorders.

What is the Bipolar Spectrum?

There are vasts amounts of research and literature around the Bipolar Spectrum concept, large amounts of it theoretical and academic. Even when studying for my psychiatry exams I found it a very confusing topic.

In a nutshell, the Bipolar Spectrum is the spectrum between two polar ends of Major depressive disorder and Bipolar disorder. The concept of having either a Bipolar disorder I or II or a Major Depressive disorder is no longer black and white, and there is a vast amount of grey in between.


Why is it relevant to non-psychiatrists?

Psychologists/Occupational therapists and GPs, often see patients more frequently than psychiatrists, and therefore are in a good position to pick up some of the signs. Usually, these patients have had a previous diagnosis of a major…

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