Is this a losing battle?

Being a professional sportsperson is far more attractive to youngsters than it did 15 years ago. Today there is so much money in being a professional through sponsors, endorsements, prize money, appearance fees etc. The pressures and expectations from the sponsor, coach, manager, club, province, country and many more is enormous.

So when I a set about the work I do to empower youngsters against the temptations that come in the professional sports arena these days in the forms of Steroids, drugs, money, sex, betting, match fixing etc, I wonder if I am swimming upstream and losing a huge battle.

Do you think there is hope?


Addicts rock bottom vs Athlete caught doping

In a very simple sentence an addict needs to reach rock bottom before change is made or a shift happens, but when an athlete gets caught doping, match fixing or cheating etc they don’t appear to see it as a consequence and for many no change happens. Agree or disagree?
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Before and after can assist in understanding the tragic moment

looking into ...

This morning, the judge in the Oscar Pistorius trial will decide whether he will be admitted for psychiatric evaluation in a mental institution.

When asked to comment about the prosecution’s intention to file for a court order to have him undergo psychiatric evaluation, Oscar Pistorius revealed a part of himself that concerns me. He stated that it was ‘a joke’.

While I know that this comment has an interpersonal context of meaning that should be considered, the words ‘a joke’ tells a story about Oscar that suggests that he has absolutely no idea of the severity of the death of Reeva Steenkamp and the present situation that he finds himself in. I feel that his comment reflects little or no remorse, little or no respect for the legal process, and actually suggests that he believes that there is nothing wrong with him psychologically. This suggests delusional thinking and indicates…

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No Surprise Powell fails doping test

Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell

(Photo credit: The, 2013)

Tyson gay (Left) and Asafa Powell (Right) both test positive for banned stimulant only adding to the ever growing list of drug cheats in the world of sprinting

Former 100 metre record holder Asafa Powell has been handed an 18-month ban for failing a drugs test at last year’s national championships. The suspension has been backdated and will end on 20th December 2014. As the once Jamaican golden boy ages and his performances drop one has to question whether it was simply a matter of time before something of this nature was to happen.

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